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Max Burt.


Modern History and Politics,

University of Southampton.


olly murs must be stopped.

In the last few years, we have seen a dramatic shift in what 'truth' means.

Issues once appeared much more clear-cut. We could pick up a box labelled 'immigration' or 'climate change', shake it next to our ears, and it would not make a sound.

Now, however, those boxes rattle as if whatever is inside is completely shattered.

Each person has their own 'truth' that they believe to be legitimate and correct - because in societies that face ever-growing inequalities, it is human nature to only believe the facts that matter to you

So it is useless to to spout the facts of, for example, climate change, to someone that fully believes in their heart and mind that Earth's current temperature rise is normal. You can't list scientific studies to an anti-vaxxer in hopes of enlightening them. You can't show numbers to an alt-Right man who believes his Polish, or Pakistani, or Mexican neighbour is corrupting the patriotic spirit of his country.   

Instead, this blog is all about tackling matters from the roots, with an understanding of why people think what they think. Denouncing our political rivals as simply 'ignorant' is elitist, patronising, and is further splitting our already-divided societies. 


Some matters, like abortion and police brutality, absolutely require intervention to prevent significant harm done to the lives of regular people  - though we still need to diagnose these issues' roots in the long-term to prevent hateful attitudes from rising yet again.  

Modern music is becoming evermore linked with societal issues as our young citizens become increasingly dissatisfied...

But mainly, it acts as an escape from these anxieties, and thank god for that.

I'll be writing lighthearted posts on what I've been listening to, opinions on controversy in the industry, etc., to break up the monotony. Allow the soy boy to say his piece.  

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